Discovering Jelena was a blessing. She inspired and supported me to complete the personal project which was on hold for several years. If you are ready to find your answers, to overcome your internal obstacles while embracing mindfulness in your life, she is the right person.

Aimilia A. - Architect

Beautiful inside as much as outside, sweet and bright, with true love for people. Jelena really enjoys the journey with her clients to “making better versions of themselves” and happy to share her knowledge and experience with them. She gave me so much needed stability and direction while I was going through a challenging period. With her I opened the door that was long locked and now I have the courage to go after my goals with more confidence.

Jelena S. - Student of Psychology

Jelena = support, clarity, ease. With Jelena I learned how to accept myself and how to become my own best friend. I learned how to understand my motives and goals. I am sure that in every situation or dilemma I may have in the future, in Jelena I have great eye-opening friendly support.

Alexandra V. - Entrepreneur

Jelena is a committed professional and most importantly a compassionate listener. She made a real impact and helped me steer my decisions at a time when I couldn't think clearly and was between jobs. I would definitely recommend working with Jelena without a second thought.

George B. - Banking Executive

Coaching with Jelena helped me change drastically the way I see myself. I found my self- worth and much more. Until then, my life was chaotic and I am really grateful for her feedback and commitment. Her body language and the inner smile shows how much she loves her work and this kept me going. She is very sharp-minded and talented.

Alexander E. - Entrepreneur

As I embarked on a coaching journey with Jelena I enjoyed watching myself grow and change. It seemed as I was living a different life before. She helped me find the self I wanted and the life I choose to live. Now, I am stronger, more confident, more decisive and able to handle all the situations in a different, more productive way. She helped me in every important step I made, and it’s now my new self speaking.

Sotia M. - Entrepreneur

Jelena is an amazing professional. Over the course of 7 months, she coached me into a lot of insights especially in my relationship with myself and with my family. She is loving and caring, stays professional and that really helped me grow and thrive.

Maxime S. - HR Solution Engineer

Openness, purity of thoughts and ease with which Jelena establishes contact and develops a relationship is unbelievable. She keeps her eyes and soul wide open and possess a captivating warmth. With Jelena by my side I could go to the other side of the world. The opportunity to be genuine is rare and priceless.

Gordana V. - University Professor