Now that you’ve taken the leap, challenges are imminent.
Get comfortable being uncomfortable!
  • Are you struggling to adjust to your new environment?
  • Have you moved to excel or to reinvent yourself?
  • Do you crave connection and a sense of home?
  • Are you an expat partner?
  • Do you feel your sense of purpose is dented?
Being an expat means losing all of your support network at once. Add to that possible relationship problems, isolated partners, unhappy children, frustration and boredom.
I know how long it really takes to even begin to feel at home.
Have you made the move or you’re still in two minds about it?
Get the support of a nomadic professional like yourself to make the most of your relocation:
  • Deal with relocation’s impact on your identity.
  • Cope with the cultural differences.
  • Stay in touch with your true self.
  • Rediscover the sense of direction.
  • Set up new goals.
  • Put your passions and talents to work in a new environment.
  • Discover the unique opportunities for personal growth.
Your whereabouts changed and so your life?
Get in touch for a complementary discovery call with me.