Confidence Boost Workshop

Sunday February, 7th 2021. 11:30-13:00

Confidence is tricky. No matter how confident you feel, there are always those little things that can shake it. But there are also techniques that can instantly boost your confidence. How? This is what you will gain from joining Confidence Boost online workshop.
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What Is Confidence?

Everyone has their own, personal, definition of confidence. Without suggesting my own definition of confidence, I want to stress two key points:

  1. Confidence is a feeling. It’s not a characteristic or a skill.
  2. This feeling is entirely controlled by you.

There’s nothing that gives more of a genuine, lasting confidence boost than understanding yourself deeply and this is calling for identifying your core values and beliefs which will be the topic of this workshop.

What Are Core Values?

Most of us have a vague understanding of what our core values are.

Values are the operating principles that guide every decision you make. Your personal values determine how you operate and what’s important to you. (e.g. Family, Honesty, Status…)

In this 90-minute workshop we will identify your unique core values and that will boost your confidence in 3 ways:

  1. Decision Making: You can make decisions faster and be more confident when you know and understand what is most important to you.
  2. Self-Image: Be clear about who you are and what you stand for. You can understand what current values are undermining your self-image and build beliefs and habits to replace them.
  3. Align the way you act with your values: When your values are clear you will seek out people and organizations that are in alignment with those values. Then either leave or seek to change those that do not align and have a negative impact on you.

What are Beliefs?

Beliefs are assumptions which we believe to be true. Like, I am lovable/unlovable, good/bad or worthy/unworthy.

They are developed early in our childhood and we never think to question them as adults, we take them as truths that regulate our behavior. Positive or optimistic core beliefs create flexible and realistic rules. Negative and degrading core beliefs result in rules for living that are limiting, restricted and based in fear.


In this 90-minute workshop

  • We will be testing for whether your beliefs support your life vision and your personal growth or standing in your way.
  • For those beliefs that are standing in your way, I will give you the tools which will help you overcome them and gain rock-solid confidence!

Living and working in congruence with your values and overcoming your limiting beliefs is critical for achieving the best we can and create and lead a life we love. And this is where we gain our confidence from.

Come join us on February, 7th 2021.
Price: €15
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