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Confidence Boost Workshop

Living and working in congruence with your values and overcoming your limiting beliefs is critical for achieving the best we can and create and lead a life we love. And this is where we gain our confidence from.


Too often we live life on autopilot, stay stuck in our patterns and our routine even when we don’t find it anymore so comfortable. We want to change, but feel discouraged with the task at hand and rather live a less than fulfilling life. We stay in an unhealthy relationship, or continue to work at the job that drains our life energy or never find the courage to move forward with our business idea. Whatever it is, it has a cost.

Relationship coaching

Like you, I also like to see a good love movie once in a while. However, lately I have started realizing that the wedding vows we hear in those movies additionally raise our expectations from Mr./Mrs. Perfect or The One to the point that this person doesn’t exist, at least not in one body.

The 3Cs Principle

A three-day journey in incredible Evia in Greece to not only recharge the batteries, but to super charge the batteries. This is a powerful, life changing experience where you’ll rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in every aspect of your life.

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