Personal Change Manager

Hi, I’m Jelena.

I am a Personal Change Manager – I work with individuals on the move who are looking to take charge of an exciting or an unwelcome change in their relationships, career, and whereabouts.

I believe that human connection has transformative power in all aspects of our lives and that the right support can change lives for the better.

My aim is supporting you to discover how to achieve personal and career goals, find purpose and balance.

I needed and used such support myself, moving countries and places. I have lived in three countries, maintained and grew a 17-year long successful career in Finance in all three of them, while nurturing a loving relationship and keeping devoted to healthy lifestyle.

Not an easy task…

On this journey I have gone through expectations and challenges, ambitions and obstacles, achievements and failures in both, my professional and my personal life. I have felt what it means losing the support network all at once. I have dealt with CHANGE in its lowest but also in its best.

My efforts to master the “switch-culture and adapt” game, only further enriched my natural interest in what people are like and what makes them tick. I got to realize the tremendous significance of support and I got equipped with coping tools and techniques which I am now happy to share. While intuitively we all cope, there’s a method behind keeping oneself focused on personal goals and well-being while in transition.

Now settled in Greece, I provide long-distance coaching and mentoring sessions, and run an island retreat for interactive activities dedicated to personal growth.

To me, Personal Change Manager is not another fancy moniker for “life coach”. Nobody can “coach” you to live, but everyone is his own Change Manager with a little support given and commitment taken.

Apart from the MBA, MSc of Banking and Finance, I am International Coaching Federation (ICF) – certified for Executive Coaching and Mentoring, ACC candidate, a Relationship Coaching trainee of the leading psychotherapist for modern relationships – Esther Perel, and a multilingual nomadic professional.

I hold 400 sessions each year with clients from all over the world. Read here what clients say about my work.

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