A three-day journey in incredible Evia in Greece to not only recharge the batteries, but to super charge the batteries. This is a powerful, life changing, experience where you’ll rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in every aspect of your life.

Why should you attend?

Together we will be developing greater agency that can help you make important life decisions and feel less overwhelmed, stuck, and lost.

It’s all about taking responsibility for your life and saying “enough is enough, things have to change”.

You will …

  • Reconnect with your core values, true goals, and personal mission
  • Move your focus to your strengths and talents
  • Learn new ways to approach life
  • Meet a supporting community of people
  • Have tools for life to overcome obstacles and support you in any situation be it your
Confidence level, Communication skills or overall feeling of being in Control of your life.

Because, You owe it to yourself.

What is 3Cs Principle?​

The 3Cs Principle is designed to help you move faster towards your happier life by strengthening your Confidence and your Communication skills and empowering you to take back the Control of your life. You will have the experience of personal coaching sessions, you will partner with other participants in creative workshops and you will realize the great impact and lessons nature has to teach us. The objective is to realize and identify both your strengths as well as areas with space for improvement and initiate the personal development journey with specific actions.
The 3Cs Principle: Confidence
Date will be announced
Evia, Seta 340 06, Greece

In the Confidence pillar you will reconnect with your core values, true goals and personal mission, learn to focus on your strengths and talents, and much more.

The 3Cs Principle: Control
Date will be announced
Evia, Seta 340 06, Greece

In the Control pillar you will learn to take full responsibility of your life, handling fears, changing habits that are holding you back, control the controllable and much more.

The 3Cs Principle: Communication
Date will be announced
Evia, Seta 340 06, Greece
Communication skills
In the Communication pillar you will learn how to listen actively and with empathy, resolve conflicts, have clarity in your verbal and non-verbal communications, and much more.

More about the event:

Each pillar of the 3Cs Principle is covered by a full-day event. The full experience is gained by attending all 3 events i.e. covering all 3 pillars. However, you may choose to attend a single event of any pillar you prefer. The events are a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and the number of participants is limited to maximum 12 people.


Events are held in Seta, located in Central Evia. Check the hotel here:


Contact me to learn about the fees.

What’s included:
  • Interactive 3Cs Principle program
  • Experience based playbooks
  • Coaching games and sessions
  • Thematic hiking
What’s not included:
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food

Are you ready to take charge of your life?
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